Blood Bowl : Bloodweiser Babe

Published On: May 16, 2021By Categories: Blood Bowl, Miniatures, Painting, Sideline Staff, Squigg

Bloodweiser Babe

An important member of 3rd edition side-line staff, Bloodweiser Babe’s ensure a small advantage on the recovery roll table.

You purchase a keg of extra-special Bloodweiser magic ale for 50,000 gold pieces, and get a lovely lady to serve players before going out for each drive. The combination of the ale and the young lady serving it means that for each purchase of this inducement, players on the team gain a +1 modifier to recover from KO’d for this match.

This is Gretchen,  The Oktoberfest Fraulein from Reaper Miniatures. A great model to use for any of the humanoid teams to remind yourself of the purchased inducement.