Blood Bowl : Fungus The Loon

Published On: May 16, 2021By Categories: Blood Bowl, Goblin, Miniatures, Painting, Star Player

Fungus The Loon

As games, seasons, tournaments and years of Blood Bowl games pass by, some players naturally present themselves as outstanding in their field. Such a lgend is Fungus The Loon, probably the oldest Goblin “Ball-n-Chain” fanatic to grace the ranks.

Although not officially allowed on the pitch, Fungus has a penchant for slipping a ball and chain into the mix. It’s not like anyone’s going to be foolish enough to stop a whirlwind of spikes and steel! Better to sit back and let him knock himself out or to collapse on the receiving end of a skilful block.

This is a 3rd edition metal model that has been restored with a Gorka-Morka ball. Not sure what happened to the original part but more spikes can only help!