Blood Bowl : Ogre Team

Published On: May 16, 2021By Categories: Blood Bowl, Miniatures, Ogre, Painting, Snotling, Team

Ogre Team

They say that opposites attract! This is certainly the case here with Ogres and Snotlings forming an usual team makeup.  One thing is for certain, your more likely to throw a Snotling than you are to throw and catch and ball.

A loved team curated from a fair bit of time scrawling the depths of ebay.

Notable Ogre Teams

The Big Fist Bashers

The Big Fist Bashers made their first and premier appearance in the Snake Eyes Gaming Club Blood Bowl League 2018 they obtained a 3-Win, 3-Draw, 3-Loss record over 9 matches coming second place overall. This was quite good considering overall -11 casualty deficit obtained by making use of the disposable greenskins.