Blood Bowl : Sguigg

Published On: May 16, 2021By Categories: Blood Bowl, Miniatures, Painting, Positional, Squigg


Squiggs, balls of sentient fungus with energy, claws and teeth are a strange choice for blood bowl. Rumours of underground teams made up of mainly Squiggs have been circulating and the plans have surfaced from the R&D departments of some goblin teams that indicate the idea of attaching a ball and chain to one of the larger varieties of squigg.

More like a dog than a useful player, these guys cannot pickup the ball or even understand the concept of the game. Their main use is biting and clawing at the opposition! Give them the scent of their target, set them off and sit back and enjoy the show.

This Gnaw model is “Gnawer“, Gobbosa Blakk Eye’s faithful pet. Kromlech‘s gnaw stylings fits right in with the Squigg aesthetic.