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Impact Miniatures

Impact! Miniatures was started by gamers to bring to life gaming products for the community on April 24, 2006. Impact! brings a mix of miniatures that they felt were missing along with conversion sprues to help gamers make better custom pieces. Impact! also aims to help the community by giving an easy outlet for amateur sculptors to have their work cast or for tournament organizers to have their own custom giveaways created.

Bronze Age Miniatures

Artist, David Soderquist, started Bronze Age Miniatures to show and sell his work.

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Comixininos, an online store specialized in Blood Bowl and other Fantasy Football games. In their store you will also find Fantasy Football Accessories like Block Dice, Bases, Magnetic Balls, Gaming Mats, Game Boards, Team Carrying Bags, Range Rulers, Number Templates / Decals, Dice Pouches, Gaming Tokens, Shoulder Pads and other awesome tools to make your team and your playing experience unique.

Tabletop Art

Tabletop-Art GmbH is a small, fast growing company, specialized in creating and manufacturing finest tabletop and wargaming accessories, such as bases, conversion-kits, bits of miniatures, terrains, markers and further games accessories.

Tabletop-Art resin products are made from high-quality 2-component polyurethane Fast Cast, a clean and bubble-free casting.


Wargame Exclusive

WARGAME EXCLUSIVE is an online-store specialized on selling collectible miniatures, including exclusively designed models, vehicles (cars, limos, bikes), conversion and base sets, accessories (books, trophies, weapons, tracks etc) for wargames.

Hitech Miniatures

Hitechminiatures strive to enrich your gaming experiences by producing high quality resin miniatures. Everyday their team try to create something unique and exceptional for players, collectors and RPG gamers. Hitechminiatures offers a wide variety of miniatures, that will enable you to diversify and enrich your hobby.



Kromlech is a Polish tabletop miniature company, manufacturing and distributing high quality miniatures, accessories and scenery for miniature games in 28mm scale.

Kromlech began in 2008 and credits its many years of success to quality of miniatures. They have a reputation of processing and shipping orders quickly. They continue to steadily release new products, expanding to suit the tastes and needs of hobbysts and wargamers alike.

Ainsty Castings

Ainsty Castings provide a huge range of scenery and accessories for tabletop games


Hobby Heaven

Hobby Heaven Ltd. is a small shop run by enthusiasts. It is a family business where everyone knows and respects each other. It is a store different than any other, with an unconventional approach to business and a high level of service.

We were established in 2018 with a minimal budget and with great enthusiasm. Thanks to the hard work and support of the local community we have managed to develop and maintain our presence in the market.

The coming years will be very fruitful for all those interested in wargaming and model building. It is a great joy to be part of such a cool community!