Spraybooth of Modding +2

Published On: March 22, 2021By Categories: Airbrushing, How To, Modding, Painting

So you got one of those fancy foldable and portable spray booths off the innerwebs, go you!

You’ll probably have set it up, used it, folded it away, set it up again, used it again, folded it away again and before you know it you’ve set it up again in it’s forever-home somewhere in your now expanding hobby cave/area/room.

Some might even be using it for the inbuilt LED strips wh… *click* *loud humming* *click* …whilst painting.

As we take a look at solving this noisy problem by adding some features to your beloved archeotech, I ask you to join me in prayer once again:

Hail the Omnissiah!

He is the God in the Machine,

the Source of All Knowledge.

Hail the Omnissiah!


Your bits:

A swanky Airbrush Booth – The one with extractor fan and LED’
Amazon QF: B08T5L9S8P
Amazon QF: B08SW9VQC4
Rocker Switches, at least 2 of them.
Amazon QF: B003FTLW7S < Normal
Amazon QF: B08KVZ4ST7 < Splash/Spray Proof
A PWM (Pulse Width Modulator) DC (Direct Current) Motor Speed Controller/Regulator a.k.a Gofasterknob.
Amazon QF: B07CG97HDL < Personal Choice
Amazon QF: B07P4LDMQW < Haven’t tested but will probably work.
Wires, you know for wiring things up.
Amazon QF: B07G744V5Z < match it to the voltage and current requirements or jsut guess it, keeping the wire  the same thickness or thicker that what you find inside is a good shout.

Your augmentations:

Rotary Tool: to cut your enemies and penetrate their techno vaults.
Soldering Iron: to burn the heretical and fix your troops.
Multi-Meter :to gather knowledge
TechnicAL screwdriver (merch coming around 42,021)
Wire strippers



Deploy Your Snacks

Deploy your snacks!

Here we have a favourite from the Asia Pacific region.

This is salted egg fish skin.

Q: Who would eat that

A: Me, I would!

Q: Why would you eat that

A: Because its actually very tasty!

Q: But it’s dried fish skins

A: It is! They T-A-S-T-Y!

Q: But it’s dried fish skins

A: And salted egg yolk with added herbs and spices

We done? Just don’t knock it until you have had the chance to taste it.

Typically a Dory (the Blue one, aka Basa or Pangasius) fish skin; nicely fried with a coating of corn-starch; tossed in a wok after coating with Salted Egg Paste; gracefully seasoned with a pinch of sugar, (and sometimes broken curry leaf and some Chili Padi (a nice fresh, light, hot chili)); served with a nice cold case of beers.

Legitimately the pork-scratching of the sea.

Your Switchy Bits

Get to know your switchy bits, what they do, how they work, where they like to go on holiday e.t.c.

Rocker Switch:

Use your multi-meter to get a handle on which of the connectors on the back to use, never assume you’ll get the same switch. Generally speaking your gonna put power on one side and ground on the other. When the switch is OFF, the Power and Ground will not be in contact, when the switch is ON, the Power and Ground will be connected and the power will flow.


Check carefully you got one that can go up to 11. 10 just is not powerful enough. This ones easy, ignore all the circuit board e.t.c. and look for the typical connectors. Your going to have one input set and one output set of pins. One to connect the Gofasterknob to power, and one to connect the Gofasterknob to the DC fan that comes in the spray booth.

Give it a test by powering the deive directly with DC input and connect it to the fan (you’ll need to follow a few more steps below to get at the fan.)

The Teardown : Foot First

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The money shot

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Kill! Kill! Stab! Twist! Kill!

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Internal augmentation

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Filtration Station

Your Content Goes Here

Result: Spraybooth of Modding +2