With the strength of the mighty rhinoceros, the speed and agility of the majestic jungle cat and the intelligence of the humble garden snail, Thrud the Barbarian is a comic book character that was created by Carl Critchlow in 1981 that parodies Conan the Barbarian. From 1983 to 1988 White Dwarf magazine included a regular comic strip that featured Thrud's comical adventures.

    Thruds story begins with a group of mercenaries who, lost and searching for a pub, stumble across an abandoned baby in a deserted village. The mercenaries decide to raise the baby as one of their own, teaching him how to fight and drink beer. Thrud's life then gets a bit more complicated.

    At some point in his journey, Thrud made his way on to the Blood Bowl pitch as the ultimate Blood Bowl player - unstoppable, vicious, and totally stupid (maybe too stupid.) Thrud may be purchased as a Star Player for ANY team in Blood Bowl. Thrud does care as long as he gets to hit someone (and maybe play with the leathery ball thing some, but mainly hit someone.)


    Easily confused: After each touchdown and at the start of the second half roll a D6. 1-3 thrud plays for the other team. (Roll even if Thrud is in the dugout.) 

    Thruds Fans: Increases the gate by 3D6x1000.